nesher 55 karmiel

Career Profile

38 years of experience in textile manufacturing 

Experience in managing the whole chain of processes 

Knitted fabrics / developments / planning /sewing ,

High technicality and methodological approach .

Cut & sew and seamless and bonding.


After 35 years of experience have decided to do what I love the most ,

 improving processes , visual work space change ideas , process stock control, operators working methods ,making guides and gadgets  which leads to higher efficiency and better quality , as a consultant.

how do I  Presenting improvements and changes?

My way of working is to video the existing situation, with all the performance records ( No of operators, efficiency , quality , the working area etc.

Than implement the changes  ( show operators right methods and handling, working close with production teams / I.E – so they know exactly what to follow.)

After short time will video the same line showing the differences and the improvements. With all the records and graphs involved.

My technical background as a mechanic,  leading me to look on the machines conditions and maintenance as one of the basic parameters for working right.

In my short period of working as a consultant have proven high efficiency improvements  along with higher quality products.