קיבוץ כברי ד.נ. שמרת מיקוד 25120

Danny Yaron

Born in 1957 in Rehovot Currently lives in Kibbutz Kabri
A Proud father to Or and Omer.
In the past:
Was the Director of the Matte Asher Conservatory and
Served as the assistant to the musical director at Keshert Eilon
Founder and director of the Music department at the School of Science and Arts in Jerusalem
Director of the Music Department at Manor Kabri Highschool

The Director of the Municipal Akko Conservatory


Bachelor's Degree - Tel Aviv Academy of Music in the field of violin
Master's Degree - School of Education at Tel Aviv University
Master's degree - The Center for Leadership at Oranim College: Management and Organization of Educational Systems in The field of School Management